For the past six years I have been a full time artist working with interior designers, production companies and private events. My work is growing in visibility and my client base continues to request me for additional works of art. For the most part I am a self taught artist. I’ve taken various fine art classes and during college I worked at a non-profit Art Therapy organization. It was there that I discovered art as a language. I began purchasing books on art therapy, spritual expression through art and cultural storytelling.

I created curriculums based on these theories and assisted my students in finding new way to express, communicate and grow. The astonishing revolation was that I was finding my own true inner voice as an artist. During the day I taught classes and at night I was preforming with a spoken word group. My poetry became the focale point of my art work and I focussed on Micrography (using text to create images).

Working with the design community is thrilling and alive. I love collaborative work that is client based, it allows for a three part relationship.